How we look at the things we look at


if a boy looks at someone for longer than 8.2 seconds, he can already be in love


Because we all share DNA we love the same things. For example, classical music, symmetry and red fruit against a green background.

People look at a painting for 9 seconds on average

The eye actually focusses on 50 different things per second


x Museumnacht


  • Written & Directed
    Caroline Koning
  • Produced by
  • Stichting n8
    Aron Eilander, Jordy den Haan
  • Cinematography
    Douwe Hennink
  • Production Design
    Clara Bragdon
  • Styling
    Lisa Anne Stuyfzand
  • Edit
    Maarten Ernest
  • Grading
    Erik @ De Grot
  • Sound & Music
  • Voice Over
    Jonathan Lungile